Otoko no Ko ni wa Himitsu ga Aru by Kaoruhara Yoshie - One Shot


Dear Nonnie, here it is! This one shot is a part of Kaoruhara Yoshie’s Otoko no Ko ni wa Himitsu ga Aru series (That Guy has some Secret).

**Note: I’m sharing these raws so you can enjoy them.

If you really like the manga, please consider buying the original copy whether it’s in Japanese or has been translated in your language as a way of supporting the mangaka(s). 

You can purchase the first volume of this manga HERE (Japanese version). The second volume of this series will be on sale on 12 September which I think this one shot will be included in it. Prepare your money to buy it if you really like Kaoruhara sensei’s works.

I’ll put the download link tomorrow.


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